Institut Charles Sadron Equipement

Discover SP - Microwave reactor acheté le 2019-05-17

Synthesis under pression in flasks from 5 to 125ml.
Temperature maximum of 300°C with IR reader.
Power up to 300 W (monomode)
Pression range from 0 to 30 bars (10 ml flask), 0 to 21 bars (35 ml flasks).
Pression security valve "Activent" that automatically vents the reactor chamber to avoid overpressure.
Magnetic stirring with 3 speeds.
Air cooling system at the end of the reactions.
Compressed air cooling system during the reaction time to keep the temperature constant.

Responsable : Ruiz Carretero Amparo
Localisation : D307
Visiblité : externe
Provenance : fabricant
Réservable : non