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Pendant drop tensiometre (TRACKER TECLIS) acheté le 2017-01-01

This Pendant Drop Tensiometre (TRACKER from TECLIS) analyses in a fully automatic manner the shape of pending/rising bubbles/drops in order to determine their surface tension. It is a convenient device to follow the adsorption of interfacially active agents at the bubble/drop surface. It can also be used to measure contact angles between liquids and solids. Moreover, the TRACKER can be used to perfom "dilational interfacial rheology" to characterise the visco-elastic properties of monolayers of surface active agents adsorbed at the bubble/drop surface. For this purpose, it oscillates the bubble/drop volume at controlled frequency and amplitude. An accompanying drop shape analysis provides the dilational visco-elastic moduli of the bubble/drop surface.

Responsable : Jacomine Leandro
Localisation : B255
Visiblité : externe
Provenance : fabricant
Réservable : oui