Institut Charles Sadron Equipement

DMA Mettler Toledo acheté le 2019-01-06

--> This equipment quantifies the complex modulus of elasticity as a function of temperature and frequency for various stress modes: tension, compression, shear and bending.
--> Its main features are
• Loading frequency: 0.001 to 100Hz
• Applicable force: 0.01mN to 10N
• Maximum crosshead displacement: 1mm
• Thermal chamber (temperature from -150°C to 600°C)
• Hygrometric chamber (rH% between 0 and 80% for a temperature range from 5 to 80°C)
--> This equipment was co-financed by the European Union with the European Regional Development Fund and the Eurométropole de Strasbourg.

Responsable : Favier Damien
Localisation : G008
Visiblité : externe
Provenance : fabricant
Réservable : oui