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Publié le 17/04/2023 par Drenckhan Wiebke

Congratulations to Amparo Ruiz Carretero for her CNRS Bronce Medal! Amparo Ruiz-Carretero is a CNRS researcher at the Institut Charles Sadron. She she is heading the the SYCOMMOR team whose research is dedicated to the synthesis and study of supramolecular materials for organic electronics.

After obtaining a PhD in Spain in 2009 and doing postdocs in the Netherlands and the United States, Amparo Ruiz Carretero was recruited by the CNRS in 2015. She specializes in supramolecular chemistry, where molecules are assembled to yield structures with superior properties. For example, she is exploring the influence of hydrogen bonds, which are reversible, on the optoelectronic properties of materials. Amparo Ruiz Carretero is developing supramolecular electronics in which she synthesizes and functionalizes organic semiconductor materials that can self-assemble, including diketopyrrolopyrrole, the Ferrari red pigment. Her work also touches spintronics, with the use of chiral molecules to control the spin of a material to better direct the electronic charges. Concerned about the energy transition, Amparo Ruiz Carretero wants to improve the efficiency of organic photovoltaic cells components.

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