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Computer facilities

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Internal facilities

The ICS hosts a pool of resources of approximatively 500 cpu cores where we have preferential access.
This facility is open to our collaborators and visitors.
If you need access to computational resources both hardware or software please contact the IT mananger (olivier)

This pool is composed of:

a server room

  • a dedicated cluster of 68 servers ( intel xeon bi-gpu)
  • 10 data server for a total size of around 500To with a moderate security level and 150To with a high level of security (PRA).
  • 6 development platforms for gpu calculation (12 gpu in total)

Desktop computers

  • 20 desktop computers (intel mono-gpu with ggpu capacity )


  • A transparent and fair access to these resources is controlled by a submission server.


External resources:

ENIAC (regional)

  • The ICS is a member of the PMNA "Pole materiaux et nanoscience Alsace" organisation which has the goal to promote research on materials, nanoscience and nanotechnology.
    • The CPER funding and some ANR projects have allowed us to build a computational center (ENIAC) dedicated to research in materials science.
    • A specific architecture and low latency network allow a high level of parallelization on this cluster. Sequential upgrades of this facility have allowed to dispose of efficient hardware and to reach 1000 computing cores.

UDS HPC (regional)

  • Through our association with the Strasbourg University and with its computing center HPC we have access to several gpu servers. Furthermore, we are a partner for the new computing center which has been initiated by the GENCI through the "Equipements d’excellence" framework as project equip@meso which provide a regional cluster for university of Strasbourg.
  • We are also partner in the new CPER project (2014-2021) "Big Data"/alsacalcul
  • In this facility we have access to around 5000 cpu cores provided trough public access and trough grant related to submitted scientific proposal.