Institut Charles Sadron News

Publié le 28/03/2020 par Paulus Franck

Following government guidelines to limit the spreading of the Covid 19 virus, the ICS is closed since Tuesday, March 17 until further notice.

A business continuity plan entered into force on the same day. Only those colleagues identified in this plan (who guarantee the safety and maintenance of the building and equipment) are authorised to enter the building according to scheduled interventions.

Most ICS members are teleworking, provided that they avail of the necessary IT resources and that they can ensure data protection. Otherwise, they benefit from a special leave of absence.

In agreement with the University, it has been decided that already started Masters internships can be continued through teleworking. Masters internships which had not started are postponed until the ICS re-opens. All internships at the “licence” level are stopped.

Everybody is asked to stay at home and to limit travel and social interactions to the strict minimum. People mobilised in the framework of the business continuity plan are asked to limit their travel strictly to the requirements of their missions