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ICS bubbles at the

What could be better than art and the stage to defend scientific knowledge?

Fabrication of Oriented n-Type Thermoelectric Polymers by Polarity Switching

A collaboration between the SYCOMMOR team of ICS and researchers from the University of Tours (GREMAN and PCM2E) allowed to develop an innovative method to produce n-type conducting polymers

Plastic pollution: the hidden threat of oligomers

The introduction of polystyrene oligomers into lipidic membranes perturbates their phase transitions and properties.

Strasbourg Soft Matter Meeting

Save the date! The Strasbourg Soft Matter Meeting will held on June 3rd and 4th 2021 at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering. This workshop will gather physicists from the Grand Est region. Registra

Large Sequence-Defined Macromolecules

In a recently-published publication, researchers of the PMC group of the ICS describe for the first time the preparation of large sequence-defined macromolecules. These structures were obtained by a c

Art contest

In an effort to improve the institute appearance, the QVT commission launched a competition to reveal the artistic talents of the ICS members.

Innovative bubble wipe

Innovative Foam-Based Cleaning for Historical Objects

Interfacial agents for fiber-reinforced composite materials

The adsorption of sequence-defined oligomers based on phenylalanine on Kevlar fibers was investigated.

A new lecturer at the ICS

Marina Pecora - New lecturer in mechanics of polymers

Decoding of digitally-encoded polymers in a protein nanopore

The PMC group of the ICS has described the decoding of digitally-encoded polymers in a protein nanopore.

Jean-François Lutz joins Progress in Polymer Science as Senior Editor

Starting January 2021, Jean-François Lutz will join the editorial board of « Progress in Polymer Science » as Senior Editor

HORATES ITN project on Thermoelectric Polymer and Hybrid Materials

Team SYCOMMOR will participate in a new ITN project exploring the thermoelectric effect to convert heat into electricity using organic materials