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PhD Thesis Prize of the Education Commission of the GFP

On the occasion of the GFP webinar on November 19, 2020, the Education Commission of the GFP awarded its PhD Thesis Prize to Dr. Jennifer Rodon Fores.

Art & science of foams

A bubble artist and foam scientists join forces to improve their mastery of bubbles and foams.

Microbubbles with a shell of nanodiamonds for diagnostic and therapy

Microbubbles with a shell of nanodiamonds that have a potential for bioimaging and cell therapy have been prepared and studied at the ICS in collaboration with the Institut de Chimie of Clermont Auver

Investigation of thermodynamic phases of lipids via Machine Learning algorithms

We recently published a PCCP article showing that machine learning can be used to investigate the thermodynamic phase transition in membranes.

Antibacterial peptidic assembly

A peptide-based coating was obtained thanks to the action of an enzyme, immobilized on the surface, inducing its localized self-assembly and giving it a bactericidal effect superior to the peptide in

Chirality impact on hydrogen-bonded semiconductors

Hydrogen bonds can efficiently guide the self-assembly of organic materials, enabling to tune the properties of the aggregation processes...

Hyperbranched polymers on UCNPs

The growth of hyperbranched polymers from the surface of upconversion nanoparticles was investigated.


The newsletter has arrived...

Soft Matter Experimentalist

We are looking to hire a junior permanent researcher (CR, CNRS) in experimental soft matter physics. Applications for first round before 20/08/2020.

Progressive re-opening of the ICS

After two months of closure due to Covid-19, the ICS opened its doors again since 11th of May 2020.

Antibacterial Nanocoatings

An antibacterial nanocoating, non-toxic for human cells, has been developed based on polyphenols and collagen.

#Covid-19 : ICS closed

Following the sanitary crisis in France, ICS is closed.