Institut Charles Sadron Equipements


4 Probes- Resistivity and Seebeck  measurements

A Keithley 2634B sourcemeter and a Lab Assistant Semiprobe station are used for the 4-point probes resistivity and Seebe


Automated platform for synthesis

The Chemspeed Synthesizer SLT II automated platform is equipped with various blocks and tools including a synthesis glas


Sputter coater

Sputter coater for SEM sample preparation (Au)

Nom Emplacement Catégorie Equipe Responsable
A339 FabricationPECMATBoulmedais Fouzia
A339 FabricationPECMATBoulmedais Fouzia
DNA Synthesizer B327 FabricationLutz Jean-François
DNA Synthesizer C313 FabricationLutz Jean-François
Automated platform for synthesis B327 FabricationLutz Jean-François
Glove box G116 FabricationSYCOMMORBrinkmann Martin
Rubbing machine G120 FabricationSYCOMMORBrinkmann Martin
Discover SP - Microwave reactor D307 FabricationSYCOMMORRuiz Carretero Amparo
Numerical micromill F050 FabricationMIMDrenckhan Wiebke
Dynamic tensile machine G008 FabricationMinamecFavier Damien