Institut Charles Sadron Equipements



This high load tribometer (1N - 1000N) is dedicated to the measurement of mechanical properties of surfaces. Scratch, in


Numerical micromill

This micro-mill is used to mill numerically programmed designs using mills of diamtres between 25 - 2000 microns. It has


Numerical microscope Keyence

Optical microscope (Keyence VHX-5000) with with numerical focus, which allows to (1) obtain images which are focussed ov

Nom Emplacement Catégorie Equipe Responsable
A339 FabricationPECMATBoulmedais Fouzia
A339 FabricationPECMATBoulmedais Fouzia
DNA Synthesizer B327 FabricationLutz Jean-François
DNA Synthesizer C313 FabricationLutz Jean-François
Automated platform for synthesis B327 FabricationLutz Jean-François
Glove box G116 FabricationSYCOMMORBrinkmann Martin
Rubbing machine G120 FabricationSYCOMMORBrinkmann Martin
Discover SP - Microwave reactor D307 FabricationSYCOMMORRuiz Carretero Amparo
Numerical micromill F050 FabricationMIMDrenckhan Wiebke
Dynamic tensile machine G008 FabricationMinamecFavier Damien