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Titre : Offre de thèse - Conducting porous polymer for thermoelectric applications (ED182)
Responsable : Biniek Laure (SYCOMMOR)
Description du projet
This project aims at developing new porous conducting polymers, based on thiophene derivatives, more thermoelectrically efficient. A special attention will be dedicated in improving the Seebeck coefficient ; blends of semi-conducting polymers with complementary density-of-states or with high dielectric constant will be investigated.3 The porous materials will be prepared by gelation of the polymers in a solvent followed by drying. The mechanism of the gelation is essential to control the formation of a strong 3D network which will conduct the electrical charges. It will be studied by a combination of cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-TEM and cryo-SEM), X-Ray scattering and rheology experiments. The geometry and the size of the pores will be controlled by the nature of the solvent and the drying techniques (ice-templating, freeze-drying or supercritical drying). Thermoelectric performances will be measured as a function of the porous structure, polymer blend ratio and doping mechanism. Ultimately, we plan to gain insights into the structure–properties relationship to better design this new class of functional materials for energy applications.

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Fin de l'offre : 2022-05-31

Lien externe : no