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Titre : Porous conducting polymers: effect of their structure on the properties
Responsable : Biniek Laure (SYCOMMOR)
Description du projet
Porous conducting polymer materials are of growing interest for various applications such as sensors, energy storage or power generation. These conducting polymer materials can be prepared by gelation of the polymer in a solvent followed by solvent extraction (freeze drying or supercritical drying method). The porous structure (pore size/geometry/directionality,...) plays an important role in the properties of the polymer. In particular, the thermal conductivity of the materials can be strongly influenced. Recently, we have developed honeycomb-like structures and 3D fibrillar networks. [1, 2] Open cells and double porous structures are our next challenge! This internship aims firstly to develop new processing methods to control the porous structure of the polymer. Second, composite porous materials (polymer blends; or blends of polymer & conducting covalent organic frameworks or particles) will be considered to enhance the charge transport properties. A literature review on this topic will be carried out first. Experiments will be carried out to determine the important parameters that can influence the porous structure (solvent mixture, effect of pressure and temperature...). All polymeric materials will be characterized by electron microscopy (SEM, cryo-SEM, cryo-TEM,...), thermal and electrical conductivities and spectroscopic techniques. The final aim is to produce porous polymer samples with different structures, low thermal and high electrical conductivities. The effect of the structure on the properties will be evaluated in collaboration with an engineer and a PhD student. [1] Q. Weinbach, L. Biniek et al, Front. Electron. Mater. (2022) [2] Q. Weinbach, L. Biniek et al, J. Mater. Chem.C (2023)

Informations complémentaires
Internship offer for 2023-2024. Please address your application including a CV, a motivation letter and Master transcript of records to Laure Biniek, SYCOMMOR Team, Institut Charles Sadron. laure.biniek[@]

Fin de l'offre : 31/01/2024

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