Institut Charles Sadron Equipement

Sclerometer (instrumented scratch test apparatus) acheté le 2008-01-01

This instrument named MVS (Micro-Visio-Scratch), developed in the laboratory, is dedicated to the measurement of mechanical properties of solide polymer surfaces.
Its main functions include the following tests:
- Scratch tests
- Indentation tests (creep and recovery of the contact)
- Scratch fatigue tests

Its main features:
- In-situ vision of the contact between indenter and surface during tests.
- Temperature : -50 to 110°C.
- Scratch sliding speed : 1um/s to 10mm/s.
- Normal load from 0.1 to 25N and different indenter geometries (1MPa to 1GPa contact presure).
- Laser interferometry to follow the evolution of imprint recovery.

Responsable : Favier Damien
Localisation : G004
Visiblité : externe
Provenance : maison
Réservable : oui