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Loth, C.; Charles, L.; Lutz, J.-F.; Nerantzaki, M. (2021), Precisely Defined Aptamer-b-Poly(phosphodiester) Conjugates Prepared by Phosphoramidite Polymer Chemistry,Acs Macro Letters,10(4) : 481-485 link

Mondal, T.; Nerantzaki, M.; Flesch, K.; Loth, C.; Maaloum, M.; Cong, Y.; Sheiko, S.S.; Lutz, J.-F. (2021), Large Sequence-Defined Supramolecules Obtained by the DNA-Guided Assembly of Biohybrid Poly(phosphodiester)s,Macromolecules,54(7) : 3423-3429 link

Nerantzaki, M.; Loth, C.; Lutz, J.-F. (2021), Chemical conjugation of nucleic acid aptamers and synthetic polymers,Polymer Chemistry,12(24) : 3498-3509 link