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William Fall

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Zhang, R.; Fall, W.S.; Hall, K.W.; Gehring, G.A.; Zeng, X.; Ungar, G. (2021), Roughening Transition and Quasi-continuous Melting of Monolayers of Ultra-long Alkanes: Why Bulk Polymer Melting Is Strongly First-Order,Macromolecules,54(21) : 10135-10149 link

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Hamidi-Sakr, A.; Biniek, L.; Fall, S.; Brinkmann, M. (2016), Precise Control of Lamellar Thickness in Highly Oriented Regioregular Poly(3-Hexylthiophene) Thin Films Prepared by High-Temperature Rubbing: Correlations with Optical Properties and Charge Transport,Advanced Functional Materials,26(3) : 408-420 link

Fall, S.; Biniek, L.; Odarchenko, Y.; Anokhin, D.V.; de Tournadre, G.; Leveque, P.; Leclerc, N.; Ivanov, D.A.; Simonetti, O.; Giraudet, L.; Heiser, T. (2016), Tailoring the microstructure and charge transport in conjugated polymers by alkyl side-chain engineering,Journal Of Materials Chemistry C,4(2) : 286-294 link


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