Institut Charles Sadron Membre

Shubhradip Guchait

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  • Equipe : SYCOMMOR
  • Responsable : Brinkmann Martin
  • Sujet : Orientation, structural control and doping mechanisms of polymer semiconductor for thermoelectric applications


Gilhooly-Finn, P.A.; Jacobs, I.E.; Bardagot, O.; Zaffar, Y.; Lemaire, A.; Guchait, S.; Zhang, L.; Freeley, M.; Neal, W.; Richard, F.; Palma, M.; Banerji, N.; Sirringhaus, H.; Brinkmann, M.; Nielsen, C.B. (2023), Interplay between Side Chain Density and Polymer Alignment: Two Competing Strategies for Enhancing the Thermoelectric Performance of P3HT Analogues,Chemistry Of Materials,35(21) : 9029-9039 link


Zhong, Y.; Untilova, V.; Muller, D.; Guchait, S.; Kiefer, C.; Herrmann, L.; Zimmermann, N.; Brosset, M.; Heiser, T.; Brinkmann, M. (2022), Preferential Location of Dopants in the Amorphous Phase of Oriented Regioregular Poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl) Films Helps Reach Charge Conductivities of 3000 S cm(-1),Advanced Functional Materials,32(30) : link

Zeng, H.; Durand, P.; Guchait, S.; Herrmann, L.; Kiefer, C.; Leclerc, N.; Brinkmann, M. (2022), Optimizing chain alignment and preserving the pristine structure of single-ether based PBTTT helps improve thermoelectric properties in sequentially doped thin films,Journal Of Materials Chemistry C,10(42) : 15883-15896 link