Institut Charles Sadron Membre

Daniel Grande

Daniel Grande is a CNRS research director at Charles Sadron Institute (ICS) in Strasbourg where he moved in January 2024 to become the new director of the laboratory as of July 2024, after a 6-month period of deputy director. Prior to his present position, he acted as the director of the East-Paris Institute of Chemistry and Materials Science (ICMPE) in Thiais for the period 2020-2023. He has been serving as the president of the soft matter section of the National Council for Scientific Research since 2021. He received his Ph.D. degree in polymer chemistry from the University of Bordeaux (France) and the University of Coahuila (Mexico) in 1998, and then he spent about two years at Emory University (Atlanta, USA) as a NIH post-doctoral fellow, before joining Thiais Laboratory for Polymer Research as a CNRS researcher in October 2001.

His research interests include the development of functional polymer materials with a broad range of porosity scales, including nanoporous materials with controlled porosity anf chemical functionality derived from polymer networks and nanostructured block copolymers, doubly porous materials with nano- and macro-porosity, as well as hybrid macroporous materials based on polymer fibers and inorganic nanoparticles. He is the (co-)author of 140 peer-reviewed publications in international journals (Scopus Author ID: 56213482700ORCID iD: 0000-0002-9987-9961), 46 proceedings, 15 book chapters, 2 books, and 14 patents in the field of polymer chemistry and polymeric materials science.