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Martin Brinkmann

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Dr. Habil. Martin Brinkmann (07.10.1971 in Mulhouse, France)

Directeur de Recherche CNRS

Institut Charles Sadron

CNRS Université de Strasbourg

23 rue du loess

67034 Strasbourg – France

h=43, 130 publications


Scientific Career

Since 2013          Director of Research CNRS

2002.                   Invited Researcher EPFL, group of L. Zuppiroli  

2000 -2013          Senior Scientist CNRS     

1999-2000           Postdoctoral researcher MIT, Cambridge, USA

1997-1999           Postdoctoral researcher at CNR Bologna, Italy

1994-1997           PhD, University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg


Scientific Focus

Structure and morphology in thin organic films,

Organic semiconductors,

Transmission Electron Microscopy,

Crystallization and orientation of polymer and molecular materials,

Growth control in organic thin films. Polymer Thermoelectric Materials.

Scientific Awards

2007                    CNRS Bronze Medal

2011                    Prize of Groupe Français des Polymères – Société Française de Physique

Funded projects

-        ANRs: MATISSE (PI), MYOSOTIS (PI), PICASSO (PI), ANISOTHERM (thermoelectric materials, coordinator), PSLM (PI), Thermopolys (PI)

-        EU-projects : HYMEC, EUROFET, EUROLED, Interreg Rhin-Solar, ITN HORATES (thermoelectric materials)

-        PHC PROCOPE CrysControl and franco-thai project.

-        Idex attractivité grant (1 PhD)


-        Bourse Région Grand’Est (1 PhD) and Région Alsace (2 PhD)

-        Cifre grant (1 PhD)


Management activities

2013-2020      SYCOMMOR Group leader, ICS

2018-now      Deputy-director of Doctoral School of Physics and Chemical Physics             

                      ED182, Strasbourg

2017-now.      IC FRC and GFP member

2018-now: Coordinator ANR ANISOTHERM


12 PhD students  (Bruno Schmaltz, Christelle Vergnat, Navaphun Kayunkid, Lucia Hartmann, Alexandru Sarbu, Amer Hamidi-Sakr, Morgane Diebold, Vishnu Vijajakumar, Marion Brosset, Yuhan Zong, Shubhradip Guchait),

7 postdocs (Jean-François Moulin, Sirapat Pratontep, Navaphun Kayunkid, Uttiya Sureeporn, Nicolas Crespo-Monteiro, Maria Girleanu, Laure Biniek)

Teaching “Structure and Growth of Conjugated Polymer and Molecular Materials” , Master polymer Science (2010-2012), Strasbourg.


Reviewing: Macromolecules, Chemistry of Materials, JACS, Advanced Functional Materials,  Advanced Materials, J. Mater. Chem. C

Project reviewer for ANR, DFG, NSF, Swiss national Science foundation


Five most important publications

1) M. Brinkmann, J.-C. Wittmann: Orientation of regio-regular poly(3-hexylthiophene) by directional solidification: a simple method to reveal the semi-crystalline structure of a conjugated polymer, Adv. Mat. 2006, 18, 860.

2) N. Kayunkid, S. Uttiya and M. Brinkmann: Structural model of regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) obtained by electron diffraction analysis, Macromolecules 2010, 43, 4961.

3) M. Brinkmann, E. Gonthier, S. Bogen, K. Tremmel, S. Ludwigs, M. Hufnagel, M. Sommer: Segregated versus mixed stacking of bithiophene and naphthalene bisimide units in highly oriented films of an n-type polymeric semiconductor, ACS Nano, 2012, 6, 10319.

4) A. Hamidi Sakr, L. Biniek, S. Fall, M. Brinkmann: Precise control of crystal size in highly oriented regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene) thin films prepared by high temperature rubbing: correlations with optical properties and charge transport, Adv. Funct. Mat. 2016, 26, 408.

5) Vijayakumar, V.; Zhong, Y.; Untilova, V.; Bahri, M.; Herrmann, L.; Biniek, L.; Leclerc, N.; Brinkmann, M. Bringing Conducting Polymers to High Order: Toward Conductivities beyond 105 S cm−1 and Thermoelectric Power Factors of 2 mW m−1 K−2. Advanced Energy Materials 2019, 9, 1900266.



Brosset, M.; Herrmann, L.; Falher, T.; Brinkmann, M. (2023), Preparation of oriented poly(lactic acid) thin films by a combination of high temperature rubbing and thermal annealing: Impact of annealing parameters on structure, polymorphism and morphology,Journal Of Polymer Science,61(9) : 829-841 link

Matsidik, R.; Komber, H.; Brinkmann, M.; Schellhammer, K.S.; Ortmann, F.; Sommer, M. (2023), Evolution of Length-Dependent Properties of Discrete n-Type Oligomers Prepared via Scalable Direct Arylation,Journal Of The American Chemical Society,145(15) : 8430-8444 link


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Zhong, Y.; Untilova, V.; Muller, D.; Guchait, S.; Kiefer, C.; Herrmann, L.; Zimmermann, N.; Brosset, M.; Heiser, T.; Brinkmann, M. (2022), Preferential Location of Dopants in the Amorphous Phase of Oriented Regioregular Poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl) Films Helps Reach Charge Conductivities of 3000 S cm(-1),Advanced Functional Materials,32(30) : link

Zeng, H.; Durand, P.; Guchait, S.; Herrmann, L.; Kiefer, C.; Leclerc, N.; Brinkmann, M. (2022), Optimizing chain alignment and preserving the pristine structure of single-ether based PBTTT helps improve thermoelectric properties in sequentially doped thin films,Journal Of Materials Chemistry C,10(42) : 15883-15896 link


Schultheiss, A.; Revaux, A.; Carella, A.; Brinkmann, M.; Zeng, H.; Demadrille, R.; Simonato, J.-P. (2021), Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Intrinsically Flexible and Stretchable PEDOT Polymers for Thermotherapy,Acs Applied Polymer Materials,3(11) : 5942-5949 link

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Degousee, T.; Untilova, V.; Vijayakumar, V.; Xu, X.; Sun, Y.; Palma, M.; Brinkmann, M.; Biniek, L.; Fenwick, O. (2021), High thermal conductivity states and enhanced figure of merit in aligned polymer thermoelectric materials,Journal Of Materials Chemistry A,9(29) : 16065-16075 link

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