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Criado-Gonzalez, M.; Wagner, D.; Fores, J.R.; Blanck, C.; Schmutz, M.; Chaumont, A.; Rabineau, M.; Schlenoff, J.B.; Fleith, G.; Combet, J.; Schaaf, P.; Jierry, L.; Boulmedais, F. (2020), Supramolecular Hydrogel Induced by Electrostatic Interactions between Polycation and Phosphorylated-Fmoc-Tripeptide,Chemistry Of Materials,32(5) : 1946-1956 link


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Reisch, A.; Trofymchuk, K.; Runser, A.; Fleith, G.; Rawiso, M.; Klymchenko, A.S. (2017), Tailoring Fluorescence Brightness and Switching of Nanoparticles through Dye Organization in the Polymer Matrix,Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces,9(49) : 43030-43042 link


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