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Goal of my research is to bridge the science of liquid and solid foams and emulsions at different length scales (from interfaces, via thin films to the full two-phase materials) and with different approaches (experiments and modelling). At ICS we cover a wide range of expertise from formulation/processing to the characterisation of the structural or mechanical properties of foams and emulsions, with the goal to push our understanding of the static and dynamic structure/property relations and to develop cellular polymers with enhanced or new properties.



Habilitiation, “A science of transition - from liquid to solid foams” at University Paris-Sud, Orsay, France
2004  PhD Thesis, "Stability of foams and films in confined geometries" with Prof. D. Weaire in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
2000  Postgraduate Diploma of Science, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
1995-  1999 Double studies of pure Physics and Physics/Mathematics for teaching at Universities of Rostock and Berlin, Germany


Since 2019     
CNRS research director at the Institut Charles Sadron, UPR 22 (Institut de Chimie), Strasbourg, France
CNRS researcher at the Institut Charles Sadron, UPR 22 (Institut de Chimie), Strasbourg, France
2007-16  CNRS researcher at the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, UMR 8502 (Institut de Physique) and Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France
2006-07  Visiting Fellow (Bourse de la Ville de Paris), Complex Systems and Materials, Université Paris 7, France
2004-06  Embark Research Fellow, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


2017 ERC Consolidator grant
2016  Member of Academia Net ( )
2015  Bronze Medal of the CNRS 2015  “Prix de la recherche 2015” - in the category “Physics” (for ANR Samousse, PI F. Elias)
2013  Selection into the group “CNRS young cadre”
2013  Prix “Irène-Joliot Curie - Young female scientist of the Year” given by the French Ministry of Education and the EADS Foundation
2013  Henkel “Laundry and Homecare Research Award”
2012  ERC Starting Grant from the European Research council
2001  University price 2000 of the Universtiy of Canterbury
1995  Selection into the German National Merit Foundation



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