Institut Charles Sadron Membre

Yuhan Zhong

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  • Collaborateur invité séjour supérieur à 1 semaine
  • Bureau : G109
  • Equipe : SYCOMMOR


Vijayakumar, V.; Zhong, Y.; Untilova, V.; Bahri, M.; Herrmann, L.; Biniek, L.; Leclerc, N.; Brinkmann, M. (2019), Bringing Conducting Polymers to High Order: Toward Conductivities beyond 10(5) S cm(-1) and Thermoelectric Power Factors of 2 mW m(-1) K-2,Advanced Energy Materials,9(24) : link


Zhong, Y.; Biniek, L.; Leclerc, N.; Ferry, S.; Brinkmann, M. (2018), Segregated versus Disordered Stacking in Two Low Bandgap Alternated Copolymers for Photovoltaic Applications: Impact of Polymorphism on Optical Properties,Macromolecules,51(11) : 4238-4249 link