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Villa, S.; Larobina, D.; Stocco, A.; Blanc, C.; Villone, M.M.M.; D’Avino, G.; Nobili, M. (2023), Dynamics of prolate spheroids in the vicinity of an air-water interface,Soft Matter,19(14) : 2646-2653 link


Sharma, V.; Marques, C.M.; Stocco, A. (2022), Driven Engulfment of Janus Particles by Giant Vesicles in and out of Thermal Equilibrium,Nanomaterials,12(9) : link

Poirier, A.; Banc, A.; Kapel, R.; In, M.; Stocco, A.; Ramos, L. (2022), Impact of structural flexibility in the adsorption of wheat and sunflower proteins at an air/water interface,Colloids And Surfaces A-Physicochemical And Engineering Aspects,648() : link


Sharma, V.; Azar, E.; Schroder, A.P.; Marques, C.M.; Stocco, A. (2021), Active colloids orbiting giant vesicles,Soft Matter,17(16) : 4275-4281 link

Poirier, A.; Stocco, A.; Kapel, R.; In, M.; Ramos, L.; Banc, A. (2021), Sunflower Proteins at Air-Water and Oil-Water Interfaces,Langmuir,37(8) : 2714-2727 link


Villa, S.; Boniello, G.; Stocco, A.; Nobili, M. (2020), Motion of micro- and nano- particles interacting with a fluid interface,Advances In Colloid And Interface Science,284() : link

Villa, S.; Stocco, A.; Blanc, C.; Nobili, M. (2020), Multistable interaction between a spherical Brownian particle and an air-water interface,Soft Matter,16(4) : 960-969 link


Stocco, A.; Chollet, B.; Wang, X.; Blanc, C.; Nobili, M. (2019), Rotational diffusion of partially wetted colloids at fluid interfaces,Journal Of Colloid And Interface Science,542() : 363-369 link

Azar, E.; Blanc, C.; Mehdi, A.; Nobili, M.; Stocco, A. (2019), Mesoporous Silica Colloids: Wetting, Surface Diffusion, and Cationic Surfactant Adsorption,Journal Of Physical Chemistry C,123(43) : 26226-26235 link

Renard, C.; Leclercq, L.; Stocco, A.; Cottet, H. (2019), Superhydrophobic capillary coatings: Elaboration, characterization and application to electrophoretic separations,Journal Of Chromatography A,1603() : 361-370 link


Yan, X.; Stocco, A.; Bernard, J.; Ganachaud, F. (2018), Freeze/Thaw-Induced Carbon Dioxide Trapping Promotes Emulsification of Oil in Water,The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters,9(20) : 5998-6002 link