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Imene Ben djemaa

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  • Responsable : Drenckhan Wiebke


Hydrogel foams have emerged as powerful materials in biomedical applications. However, the design of these structures is particularly complex, as it is an interdisciplinary task at the interface between physical chemistry and physics and calls upon a wide range of interdependent phenomena, which need to be understood and optimised. The goal of my PhD is to gain a better understanding of these phenomena and to exploit this understanding for the development of biomedical materials.


·         Since 2020 : PhD student under the supervision of Dr. Wiebke Drenckhan, and Dr. Sébastien Andrieux.

Doctoral students representative at the doctoral school council (ED 182)

·         2019 – 2020 : CCD-IT (3 months), ICS – Strasbourg, France.


Ben Djemaa, Imene, Sébastien Andrieux, Stéphane Auguste, Leandro Jacomine, Malgorzata Tarnowska, and Wiebke Drenckhan-Andreatta. 2022. "One-Step Generation of Alginate-Based Hydrogel Foams Using CO2 for Simultaneous Foaming and Gelation" Gels 8, no. 7: 444. link

Djemaa, I. Ben, S. Auguste, Wiebke Drenckhan-Andreatta, and S. Andrieux. "Hydrogel foams from liquid foam templates: Properties and optimisation." Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 294 (2021): 102478. link


National Engineer Degree. Major: Industrial Chemistry

·         2019 : 6-month research internship at ICS - Strasbourg, France, under the supervision of Dr. Wiebke Drenckhan and Dr. Sébastien Andrieux.

·         2016-2019 : Graduate Engineering University, National Institute of Applied Science and Technology (INSAT – Tunis, Tunisie)

·         2014-2016 : Preparatory engineering classes: Two-year undergraduate general program, with focus on chemistry and physical chemistry