Institut Charles Sadron Membre

Jean-yves Runser

  • Téléphone :
  • Courriel :
  • Doctorant(e)
  • Bureau : E343
  • Equipe : PECMAT
  • Responsable : Loïc Jierry
  • Sujet : Peptide based hydrogels for tissue engineering


Reisch, A.; Trofymchuk, K.; Runser, A.; Fleith, G.; Rawiso, M.; Klymchenko, A.S. (2017), Tailoring Fluorescence Brightness and Switching of Nanoparticles through Dye Organization in the Polymer Matrix,Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces,9(49) : 43030-43042 link

Suarez-Picado, E.; Coste, M.; Runser, J.-Y.; Fossepre, M.; Carvalho, A.; Surin, M.; Jierry, L.; Ulrich, S. (), Hierarchical Self-Assembly and Multidynamic Responsiveness of Fluorescent Dynamic Covalent Networks Forming Organogels,Biomacromolecules,() : link