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Friedrich Walzel

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  • Doctorant(e)
  • Equipe : MCUBE
  • Responsable : Charitat Thierry
  • Co-responsable : DRENCKHAN Wiebke
  • Sujet : Interactions entre bulles et gouttes
  • Sujet : Interactions between bubbles and drops


Walzel, F.; Requier, A.; Boschi, K.; Farago, J.; Fuchs, P.; Thalmann, F.; Drenckhan, W.; Muller, P.; Charitat, T. (2022), Perturbing the catenoid: Stability and mechanical properties of nonaxisymmetric minimal surfaces,Physical Review E,106(1) : link


Ginot, G.; Kratz, F.S.; Walzel, F.; Farago, J.; Kierfeld, J.; Hohler, R.; Drenckhan, W. (2021), Pressure-deformation relations of elasto-capillary drops (droploons) on capillaries,Soft Matter,17(40) : 9131-9153 link