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Publié le 19/04/2023 par Boulmedais Fouzia

Oriented chitin  nanocristals

Inspired by the wings of cicadas or dragonflies with specific micro/nanotopographic characteristics, biomimetic coatings have been developed to prevent bacteria adhesion and biofilm formation. Composed exclusively of biobased materials, these antibacterial coatings are based on chitin nanocrystals (extracted from crustacean shells) oriented by a simple manual brushing technique. The orientation of the nanocrystals induces a spike-like topography positively charged. These surface of the spikes damage the negatively charged bacterial cell wall by (i) perforating it upon contact and/or (ii) tearing it upon movement of the bacteria. Obtained through a simple method, these biosourced nanosized films are durable antibacterial coatings in biomedical and environmental applications. This work has been published in Applied Materials Today.

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