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Publié le 10/07/2023 par Hourlier-Fargette Aurélie

Funded in 1973, the French Physical Society is celebrating this year its 150th anniversary. At this occasion, the SFP organises multiple actions to promote physics to the general public and emulate the interactions between researchers. Among those actions, the SFP launched a couple of books, including a comic (in French), « Passion Physique » ! Check it out to learn about the adventures of six young physicists, including Aurélie Hourlier-Fargette (MIM team), with a 4 page comic entitled « from droplets to foams ». With a target audience of 10-15 years old children, this comic strip aims at promoting science, physics, and research to a young audience, before choosing their professional orientation and higher education path. It is also a nice opportunity to discover scientific adventures going from soft matter to astrophysics, biophysics and condensed matter. A few of those books will be available to read at the cafeteria, and for our youngest interns (3ème).