Institut Charles Sadron News

Publié le 12/07/2023 par Loth Capucine

The Institute was selected among 93 applications for the CNRS "low-carbon" call for projects. The "Relamping" project, supported by the sustainable development commission and the administration, aims to replace the neon lights still in use at the institute with energy-efficient LED lighting.

The benefits of changing lighting fixtures are many: a 50% reduction in electricity consumption for lighting, less frequent replacement, as LED lamps have a much longer lifespan than neon, and finally, LEDs are recyclable and therefore have a real impact on sustainable, more environmentally friendly use.

To date, €15,700 have been invested in this type of replacement, enabling 20 chemistry and physicochemistry laboratories to change their light fixtures (i.e. around €785 per laboratory). There are still 71 laboratories to be equipped, representing a cost of €62,000. The budget allocated for this replacement is €10,000, and will be supplemented by €5,700 of the Institute's own funds, which will enable luminaires to be replaced in 20 additionnal laboratories. This means that 45% of laboratories will be fitted with new LED strips.

A campaign to raise awareness of the need to switch off lights in the Institute has already been launched and will be conducted over the upcoming months.