Institut Charles Sadron News

How do spindles stack?

We elucidated the assembly of spindle-shaped gold nanoparticles, revealing a subtle balance between the symmetry of the particles and of the lattice

Microfluidics and Janus fibers

Preparation of Janus fibers by photopolymerization in microfluidics and dyes removal

IUPAC Global Women'sBreakfast 2022

On the 16th of February we were pleased to hold an IUPAC Global Women Breakfast 2022 joining more than 400 other meetings happening worldwide...

Mussel-inspired design of enzymatic micro-biosensor

The development of enzymatic biosensors is crucial for the monitoring of pathologies such as diabetes or in the food industry.

ICS emerging investigator in Chemical Communications

The work of Amparo Ruiz-Carretero, a researcher from the SYCOMMOR team, has been featured in the 2021 emerging investigators issue of Chemical Communications

Hydrophobicity and gene therapy

Insertion of hydrophobic spacers on dodecalysines as potential transfection enhancers

Orbital motion in Soft Matter

Orbital motion at the micron-scale for self-propelled Janus colloids interacting with giant lipid vesicles

ICS bubbles at the

What could be better than art and the stage to defend scientific knowledge?

Large Sequence-Defined Macromolecules

In a recently-published publication, researchers of the PMC group of the ICS describe for the first time the preparation of large sequence-defined macromolecules. These structures were obtained by a c

Interfacial agents for fiber-reinforced composite materials

The adsorption of sequence-defined oligomers based on phenylalanine on Kevlar fibers was investigated.

Jean-François Lutz joins Progress in Polymer Science as Senior Editor

Starting January 2021, Jean-François Lutz will join the editorial board of « Progress in Polymer Science » as Senior Editor

Microbubbles with a shell of nanodiamonds for diagnostic and therapy

Microbubbles with a shell of nanodiamonds that have a potential for bioimaging and cell therapy have been prepared and studied at the ICS in collaboration with the Institut de Chimie of Clermont Auver