Institut Charles Sadron Présentation

The equality references at the Institut Charles Sadron

Estelle BRUNETTE :

Antonio STOCCO :

The equality references are in charge of:

  • Making known and diffuse in the research unit, the elements of the national and regional action plan and widely, of the professional equality politics between women and men, carried by the CNRS.
  • Making the unit's personnel aware of gender stereotypes and discrimination which can be present in all organizational and functioning aspects of the unit.
  • Making the unit's personnel aware of the harassment, sexual and sexist violence and discrimination topics.
  • Creating a dynamic in the unit on the equality topics: gender-free stereotype, goodwill and non-violent communication, in written and visual medium, diffused internally and externally buy the unit, code of conduct.
  • Being the close contact point for agents facing difficulties or witnesses of discrimination, harassment, sexist and sexual violence, guiding them to the proposer interlocutor of the employees institutions. On this aspect, references are committed to a discretion duty.


Support Unit France Victimes

Telephone : 01 80 52 33 77 , from 9 am to 9 pm, 7/7 or

Information, psycological and social help/ assistance, free and anonymous, with psycologists independent from CNRS.

The CNRS assistance

The e-mail address was activated for any agent victim or witness of:

  • a violence act;
  • a discrimination act;
  • moral or sexual harassment;
  • sexist behavior.

The UNISTRA assistance

If you are victim or witness, you can contact the VSSH cell, cell of listening and support at the email address: